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Discovering Alternative Sale and Distribution Channels


Today market conditions require businesses to explore new revenue channels. Traditional wholesaler supply chain may not be the only answer to survival in times of crisis. 


A common commerce platform will improve the communication and exchange with customers. Areas such as ordering, payments, and inventory predictability could be greatly improved.


Every business seeks to diversify their customer base to minimize economic impact from market trends. They need a tool that facilitates this effort without impact to their business economy.


Business suppliers need a simple, effective and economical commerce tool that will not interfere with their day-to-day activities.






A business that can act as "sponsor" to support the entry of other businesses into the marketplace.


Premium business subscribers can  benefit from the "Sponsor Revenue Sharing" program.

Businesses gain a management tool to manage their digital commerce activities. It empowers their flexibility to respond to market trends.

Consumers get access to the marketplace through a mobile application that works to complement every shopping event.



  • Earn money on every subscription sale to businesses (sponsor).

  • Earn money on every transaction completed with your branded application (sponsor).

  • Promote your brand with branded applications (sponsor).

  • Experiment with virtual brands and digital stores.

  • Expand your social responsibility towards the local community.

  • Improve the supply chain by facilitating the digitalization of your suppliers and other smaller businesses.

  • All Regular Business subscription benefits.

  • Low Price - Contact us.


  • Access to an Open Marketplace.

  • Turn-key solution ready to start selling.

  • Short path to commerce digitization.

  • Simple to use.

  • Expand your business sale opportunities.

  • Reach new customers.

  • Create your own Menus/Catalogs/Flyers

  • Create your own sale strategies Coupons/Offers/Discounts/Promotions.

  • Leverage new features to sell products such as Subscriptions and Recipes.

  • Low Price - Contact us.


  • One application for all your shopping.

  • Shopping organization around events.

  • Socializing your shopping events and activities.

  • Access to an Open Marketplace.

  • Save money and support local businesses.

  • Convenience of a multi-store shopping cart.

  • Price - FREE.

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